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With years of experience in the business we’ve helped many clients renovate their domestic and commercial spaces to exacting standards. Attention to detail and customer satisfaction are our priority when you choose to work with Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating in Cornwall.

Unlike other painting and decorating companies, we also have the specialist skills and equipment to offer sash window restoration, specialist floor and metal coatings and airless spraying (for larger projects). We also offer HVLP spraying for windows, doors, staircases, kitchen units, and other furniture that require a highly detailed and flawless finish. So, if you have a project that other painters and decorators haven't been able to tackle, please contact us.

Airless spraying - we offer state of the art finishing by Graco machinery which includes spraying houses, kitchens, doors, and windows.

Wallpapering – we offer high-end bespoke wallpapering with knowledge on the most popular products on the market currently.

Colour Consultation - we offer the latest technology in colour matching by using our Nix colour sensor. We can find an accurate colour match to any coloured surface and this piece of tech gives you the absolute best ideas on blending colours to suit spaces.

Specialist Floorcare and Coatings – Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating work closely with Cornwall Floorcare who often provide their labour or expertise to any flooring project that we carry out. By having a good relationship with Cornwall Floorcare this allows Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating to take on most flooring projects knowing together they have the highest expertise and knowledge on work that is carried out.

Sash Window Restoration – need new windows? Too expensive? Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating offer full sash window restoration at around half the cost of new windows. This includes stripping, reglazing new putty work or new beading and respraying bringing your windows back to life.  

Metal Coatings – Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise on different metal coatings and metal care to the likes of exposed steels and railings. 

Lime Render Coating – we have experience in the preperation and painting of lime render for new or existing lime surfaces.

Cornwall has a wonderful array of historical buildings, we have extensive experience in interior and exterior redecoration of older properties and understand traditional methods involved, as well as the special attention to detail and care needed. Our efforts focus on preparation including removing layers of existing material, filling and sanding, in order to ensure surfaces are well repaired and prepared before applying any paint or wall coverings. Diligent preparation pays off and when the final finishes are applied - our results are outstanding.

At Allen & Taylor Painting and Decorating we are committed to providing customers throughout Cornwall with the absolute best quality finish at a competitive price.

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Now that more people are working from home, it might be the right time to think about turning that corner, nook, or small room into a space that's worthy of your time. We love these ideas for small home offices.

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